Nissan Graduate Program


Recent post-secondary graduates have school loans, rent and other bills to worry about. Fortunately, Nissan has a Grad Program for recent (or future) college & university graduates. 

  • Customer must be leasing or financing through Nissan Canada Finance
  • Must have graduated from a full time program with a recognized and accredited post-secondary institution (i.e. University or Community College) from a minimum 2 year program
  • Must have graduated within the past 48 months or provide confirmation of completion of the program providing that the graduation is within the next 90 days
  • Verifiable proof of income from full-time employment or proof of an offer of employment to commence within 90 days
  • Copy of the graduate's diploma, post secondary transcript or letter from the institution confirming completion of the program must be provided
  • Graduate's total obligations (TDSR) cannot exceed 35%
  • No credit history is required, however if credit has been established the applicant cannot have any derogatory credit
  • NCF still reserves the right to decline any application

Congratulations from McDonald Nissan and your purchase of your new Nissan vehicle!